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Is Bing on the Rise?

Should you be advertising on Bing as well as Google? With Google’s Search share reportedly hitting a five year low last month (let’s face it, it’s still dominating the market), is it time to look at Bing’s position in the UK paid search market?

Google’s drop below the 90% mark in the current UK market sees their 88.35% share perhaps making room for Bing, which was up 0.19% between Nov & Dec 2012.

The search market trends in the US show that Bing increased its share in 2013, and the Yahoo! Bing Network alliance is currently boasting a 30% US Market share. The US market trends are an insight into the opportunities that Bing & Yahoo could hold for your business.

Through experience with Bing, we have found there are some industries that work better than others on the search engine, but essentially there is one big PLUS to using Bing – it is cheaper! (and we are all looking to save money – right?!)

With the increase in market share for the Bing & Yahoo search alliance, we believe that it is worth the investment to duplicate PPC campaigns onto Bing and find out how your advertising performs on the search engine. You may find that although there is less traffic, this could in fact lead to cheaper cost per conversions/CPA’s.

So is it time to start exploring Bing’s advertising potential for your business? What do you think? Let us know! Do you currently run your PPC campaign on Bing? We’d love to hear how it is performing.

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