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Ignore Conversion Optimisation At Your Peril!

Last time out we presented our top 5 ways to help your site convert – and it’s not just us at Custard Media who are taking site conversions seriously.

New statistics out this week highlight the importance of looking at conversion over sales, with an estimated £2billion-a-year being wasted by UK businesses who ignore the benefits of conversion optimisation.

Clearly, looking at sales is all well and good, but acceptable sales figures often mask the fact that so many more sales have fallen by the wayside because of poor site usability and other factors. The average conversion rates for UK sites stand at around the 2% mark, but with top sites enjoying rates of 14% or more, isn’t it about time the rest of the internet caught up?

The research, from a leading website conversion consultancy, also reveals that businesses are throwing money at altering the appearance of their sites in an attempt to improve performance, with 65% of sites surveyed ploughing their budget into creative design. Just 37% plump for conversion optimisation, meaning UK businesses are missing out on millions in potential sales.

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