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How Twitter Can Affect Your Brand’s Reputation

Twitter is an internet phenomenon – and a huge marketing opportunity.

Since the launch of microblogging platform Twitter in 2006, companies around the world have been utilising the ever-growing social network as a means to increase revenue. This is done by piggybacking on the hype around the sites most talked about topics (more commonly known as Trending Topics) often resulting in a marketing masterpiece.

However, before you attempt to create your own viral victory, it’s important to remember that 140 characters is more than enough to ruin the reputation of your company. To help you avoid these social media pitfalls, we’ve put together a list of corporate catastrophes to be aware of before you hit Tweet.

Using The Wrong Account

Back in March, an employee of Chrysler’s social media agency mistook his personal Twitter account with the Official Chrysler account while posting a road rage fuelled rant about the roads in Detroit.

Similarly, The American Red Cross experienced embarrassment in the same vein after a member of staff sent out a tweet regarding a night out. The employee responsible later sent out a tweet (from the correct account) putting it down to an “inability to use Hootsuite”

This is a fairly common mistake, which can easily be avoided by following some sage advice from our very own Matt Bessent.

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Tweetdeck, much like the aforementioned Hootsuite, is a desktop application that allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, Foursquare and MySpace profiles and is also very useful for keeping on top of brand interaction. There are a number of different programs capable of doing the same thing but we would suggest you use Tweetdeck, Twitter liked it so much they purchased the application for £25 million in May.

Of course, you might be reading this hoping for advice on what to do in the aftermath of such an error, in which we would advise you not to log out and try to forget it happened and rather use your already existing social media profiles to promote some of the better press about your company and get in touch with Custard Media to ask about Reputation Management.


Other Social Media Faux Pas

Choose Your Topic Carefully

Following the death of Amy Winehouse, Microsoft went down the road of shameless promotion by telling it’s followers to remember the singer by purchasing her album through their Online Music Store, Zune.

Keep Passwords Secure

Designer Fashion Label Marc Jacobs became the victim of numerous unauthorised tweets after an intern allegedly stole the password and publicly had a meltdown on his last day of work experience.

Use Hashtags Correctly

Twitter Users turned against fashion designer Kenneth Cole earlier this year after making jokes about protests in Cairo being over his latest clothing line. [/feature]

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