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How To Save Time Link Building with Outlook Mail Merge

Link Building is a time-consuming process and there are many of us who wish it wasn’t such a necessary part of SEO. However, we at Custard Media have a little secret. Here’s how we saved hours with Outlook’s mail merge function.

Generic link request emails get ignored – it’s a fact proved by countless statisticians and researchers. The need to personalise a link building email is obvious – make it clear to the recipient that their site is your favourite site EVER and you’re not just emailing a thousand people at the same time hoping to get link from a decent percentage of those you’ve contacted.

Except, that’s exactly what link building is about. On average, 10% of websites contacted for one-way links will comply, so individual emails to 100 people just to get 10 links can be time-consuming to the point that it’s not worth it.

Here’s where Outlook comes into it’s own.

Personalise Link Request Emails with Outlook Mail Merge

Once you’ve scoured the net for high quality, relevant sites, take all the contact email addresses and build yourself a list to email. You might want to include an extra field for ‘site observations’ as well as the obvious name, address, site name etc.

Next, select each contact you want to email and follow our step-by-step guide:

  • From the menu, select tools > mail merge
  • If you want to send emails to everyone in the list, leave the first option as ‘all contacts in current view’. If you have selected the contacts you want to send to, select ‘only selected contacts’
  • Go to the last option – ‘merge to’. Select ‘email’. A text box will appear.
  • Type the message you want to appear in the email’s subject line.

Outlook Mail Merge for Link Building

  • Click OK. Word will open, with the ‘mailings’ tab already selected.
  • Click the ‘Greeting Line’ icon
  • Under ‘greeting line format,’ scroll down to the option that just displays the first name. If you don’t have anything in the first name field, you should see ‘Dear Sir or Madam’ under the ‘greeting line for invalid recipient names’.
  •  Write your email content. If you need to insert a field, do so by clicking the ‘insert merge field’ button.

Using Outlook for Personalised Link Building Emails

It’s at this point your ‘site observations’ field will come in handy. Telling someone that you love the animation of a frog playing hop-scotch on their homepage will confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that you really have visited their site and you genuinely want a link from them and not just from anyone.

  • Once your email is finished, click ‘preview results’ to check for errors.
  • Finally, click ‘finish and merge’ to send your emails.

And there you have it, personalised emails with a much higher success rate than the generic emails that webmasters receive every day.

What’s more, it’s little tips and tricks like this that mean that Custard Media can deliver the fantastic results that our clients enjoy month after month. It’s no coincidence that link building is what we do best and our clients see their rankings shooting up as a result.

To enquire about our super-efficient link building services, get in touch today.

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