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How to make the perfect tweet

There are now over 500 million users on Twitters and even if some of them are inactive, resting or just spam bots, that’s still a lot of competition for people’s attention in their ever more crowded Twitterfeeds.

This means that any tweets you decide to send out (especially if you aren’t a hugely successful popstar, multi-millionaire entrepreneur or big-mouthed Premier League footballer) have to be finely tuned, honed and sculpted to make sure people don’t just skip on by.

All of this begs the question, what is the optimum length for a tweet? When should you send one out? And at what time? Let’s find out:

How Many Characters Should It Be?
If you want your tweet to spread, and if you’re promoting a product that’s pretty much the only aim of the game, then you need to make sure people are able to retweet you and have room to spare. Twitter allows usernames to go up to 15 characters, so that means you’ve only got a maximum of 120 to play with. You need to make sure you’re filling out the space though. Earlier this summer, Hubspot found that the closer tweets got to being 130 characters in length, the more clicks they attracted. Don’t exceed this though, as after 130 characters, the click rate drops by over half.

What Time Should The Tweet Be Sent Out
According to research published by link shortening behemoth’s, Twitter users are at their most active between 1pm and 3pm on week days, with clickthroughs peaking at around 2.30pm. In office environments, this is when almost everyone has returned from lunch and is almost certainly trying to be put off beginning their afternoon’s work.

What Day Should The Tweet Go Out On’s research also pours cold water on the idea that tweets should be sent out during weekends as traffic nosedives. That same logic also applies when tweeting after 8pm and after 3pm on a Friday. Activity is at its peak during weekdays, specifically on Monday, when traffic is at its highest.

So, with all the above information, we can conclude that the ideal tweet will contain 125 characters and will hit the internet at 2.30pm on a Monday afternoon.
Of course, the most crucial part of any tweet is what’s contained within it, be that a link, video, image or hashtag, but that’s up to you to sort out….


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