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How The Internet Is Trying To Make You More Social

For many years computing has been accompanied by the stigma that computer enthusiasts are socially awkward people who are considered to be shy and unpopular. However there has been a shift in the reasons people are logging on with social networking sites now accounting for 22% of the time spent online with the main bulk of this coming from Facebook


And don’t expect it to stop there with even more on the horizon as The Facebook Timeline begins to roll out. If you haven’t heard of it before, take a look at Jake’s blog post here. Essentially it is a way for Facebook users to “express who they are.”

With everybody trying to get in Facebook’s success, it was only 2 weeks after the launch of the Timeline that Google announced Google+ Brand Pages (another leaf taken out of Mark Zuckerberg’s book) that looked suspiciously similar to Facebook’s facelift and now it seems it is Twitter’s turn with a new, improved version of the site being announced last week.


As with previous updates, it’s likely you won’t have seen the improvements yet as it is being rolled out to a small number of users at a time, if you own an iPhone or Android device you can simply update the Twitter app and soon enough the desktop version will update too.

Other than the obvious cosmetic changes, Twitter has joined the ranks and launched their own brand pages allowing businesses to extend their customer base to the masses of micro bloggers. The new brand pages will be accompanied by the introduction of a Discover tab, allowing you to find users relevant to your interests and more importantly enabling potential customers to find your company.


Of course, there is more to the social web than just the aforementioned and it isn’tjust the powerhouses making changes to their service. Link discovery engine StumbleUpon have made major changes to their service, complete with rebranding.

Where the site used to focus on procrastination by letting users “stumble upon” sites submitted by other users, the new design is more targeted to letting you engage with other users and showing you what others have been up to on the site having a great effect on a business by helping people who wouldn’t necessarily search for your services miraculously find things they weren’t even aware they needed.


In a similar vein, popular video-sharing site Youtube has launched a new look to mirror the rest of Google’s empire with the homepage now focusing on which users are uploading videos you might be interested in instead of the previous system of giving you videos you might be interested in videos to suit your interests. With this update, businesses will be able to reach a wider audience who will be able to bring in more potential interest just by uploading a video at the right time.

The examples listed above are but a few means of engaging fans of your brand and potentially reaching a whole new audience. However, with the popularity of these sites constantly on the rise it is easy for your message to get lost in a sea of hashtags. To help you engage the right audience, you should speak to Custard Media about what a Social Media Agency can do for you.

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