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Google’s Enhanced Campaigns

So the biggest noise coming from the PPC industry this week is surrounding Google’s announcement about Enhanced Campaigns.

Here in the Custard Office we have been debating the pros and cons…


In the short term this is understandably a concern for professionals (like us here at Custard!) who have been stripping out campaigns as best practice for a long time and will have to restructure accounts when the new Enhanced Campaign features are implemented in the next few months.

Aside from this, with reports indicating Google could make over £3 Billion from Paid Search Ads on Tablets alone in 2013, across the industry people seem to be agreeing – this change is not centred around benefiting Advertiser’s usability… meaning another downside to Enhanced Campaigns is that prices look sure to increase across Tablet and Mobile CPC’s.


However, with the bad comes the good and there are set to be some long term benefits brought to us by Enhanced Campaigns.

On the whole, there are some visible improvements:

Campaigns will be less fragmented

More advanced geo-targeting options

Option to add Sitelinks at Ad Group level

Scheduling available on Ad Extensions

Multi device tracking options

Overall… here at Custard we understand that intergraded campaigns are obviously a necessary evolution in our continually converging consumer landscape…however… we do feel that Google need to give advertisers more options when using the new Enhanced Campaign settings.

In aid of this we have signed a petition beckoning Google to loosen restrictions for Enhanced Campaigns and are urging others to support us in this cause – After all, Google listened when they made changes to the rotation of ads settings so why shouldn’t this one work?

What do you think Enhanced Listings will do to your campaigns?

Drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you!

Also in PPC…

Conversion Tracking is now live and available on Facebook PPC Campaigns. It is good to see Social Media Pay Per Click moving forward

(albeit with the pace of a snail)

Perhaps this is a step toward Facebook offering more advanced metrics and tracking on its campaigns, therefore allowing advertisers to gain enhanced insights into their campaigns and spends on social media aiding better optimisation.

We also saw the end of Google Shopping’s free listings this week – meaning that advertisers now need to create Product Listing Ads using paid search if they wish to keep their Shopping listings.

If you need advice on your Google shopping feeds why not get in touch, – we would be happy to help!

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