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Google Throws Small Businesses A Lifeline

Google ramped up its public relations activity this week with the news that the internet giant is helping companies without a web presence to launch their own websites.

Google is looking into how businesses can benefit from being online and have noticed that there are still many small businesses who don’t promote themselves through their own websites, through social media or through online PR.

What’s great about this is that Google could have picked any city in the UK but have in-fact chosen Liverpool to be the first city to trial out their expertise with businesses. The fact this is going to be right on our doorstep is a great push for companies like ourselves to also be on hand to help businesses who are currently struggling to make their mark on the net.

It seems as though a lot of businesses are not benefitting from being on the net at the moment, simply because they lack either the knowledge or the resources.

To a layman it can be difficult to see how a business can benefit from being online and to justify how a decent Google ranking can help, without automatically thinking of the costs and experience needed to achieve this.

Google is a fantastic gateway for any business to grow and in the current economic climate it’s fantastic that Google is coming to the aid of smaller companies and helping them to use the internet to grow their business.

Not only do most people now search online for simple things such as company telephone numbers, a lot of people are viewing online before they buy, reserving items online and generally socialising online too.

If you’re not lucky enough to get help from Google, maybe you could turn to us instead.  At Custard Media we offer a transparent service and can help you understand what it takes to succeed in business online.

Our experts will help you develop your business presence online and give you confidence that online marketing does work – all within a budget that suits you. If this sounds good, get in touch and see how Custard Media can help your business today.

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