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Google Ramps Up Reputation Management Ahead of US Senate ‘Grilling’

Google’s latest run-in with the US government has led to the company launching something of a charm offensive, highlighting the importance of corporate reputation management – even if you are a multinational internet giant.

The US senate is meeting this week to discuss Google’s online search dominance in a similar case to that faced by Microsoft in the late 1990s.

And while few would deny that Google’s massive market share constitutes a monopoly, the company have engaged in some serious reputation management to try to allay the possibility of legal proceedings over ‘antitrust’.

This perceived threat to democracy has led to Google hiring 13 ‘lobbying and communications’ firms, according to Fox News, who pointed out that Google accounts for 80% of internet searches in most European countries and two-thirds of US searches.

These firms have ramped up Google’s PR, running campaigns highlighting the company’s political importance. It’s a thinly-veiled attempt to curry favour ahead of a potentially damaging few days, but it shows that even muli-billion dollar corporations need to care about reputation management.

At the other end of the scale, Custard Media’s reputation management services are in demand amongst smaller companies. In such a cut-throat economic climate, firms are suffering from negative PR which is threatening their very existence, where they were previously able to withstand bad publicity in a more robust economy.

Every business makes mistakes along the way and a lot of negative comments on the web come from unscrupulous competitors. Google’s own senate hearing is said to have been prompted by Microsoft, who are pitching for a slice of Google’s search dominance.

If your business is suffering as a result of negative publicity online, get in touch with Custard Media today. Our reputation management services include a number of effective practices to control the online perception of your business – it may just be that we can save your business.

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