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Google Offer SEO Advice

Here at Custard Media we’re always looking to improve the SEO services we offer to our clients, so we’re delighted to see that Google is now offering an ‘SEO report’ within Analytics.

There are those that see Google as the evil overlord, constantly looking to crush all SEO activity in a never-ending campaign to make a misery of the lives of all online marketing consultants – so it’s good to see the internet’s major search engine increasing their efforts to work with SEOs.

Meanwhile our team have been considering how our clients could benefit from the new reporting feature.

Initially we considered using the tool to report back to our clients on a monthly basis, but as SEOMoz explained in their blog earlier in the week, the information is not as simple and easily digestable as the reporting platforms that Custard’s team currently use.

For example, part of Google’s SEO report is ‘average position’ – but our clients may get a shock if we showed them this element of the report. A quick search for ‘Custard Media’ gives the following result:

Custard Media search result

Just like SEO Moz, we rank #1 for our own name, but Google’s report takes into account that we have 6 other sitelinks underneath our listing, so assigns positions 1-7 to Therefore the report shows our average position at 4, despite our rank being #1.

Giving this information to a client would come as quite a shock and is a little misleading.

So How Is The Google SEO Report Useful?

Now that Google have kindly provided SEOs with the above information, we can use advanced segments in Analytics to pull out keywords that are (for example) showing an average position below 10, but providing 20 visits or more per month.

This allows us to recommend keywords to a client that are providing traffic despite relatively low rankings. Some careful link building work could increase rankings and maximise the benefit of these keywords – again, thanks to SEOMoz for the tip 😉

If you’re interested in getting the most out of your SEO campaign, why not contact Custard Media today? We’re always on the lookout for new ways of improving our SEO services, so see how we could help your business today.

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