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As one of the Content Writers here at Custard Media one of my pet peeves is reading through a website with content which is full of spelling and grammatical errors. It looks like I’m not the only person who is bothered by this as last Saturday was Punctuation Day, a day which promotes the correct use of apostrophes, semi colons and everything in between.

Although having high quality content is important for SEO purposes, it’s also just as important for the people who visit your site.


Think spelling and grammar aren’t important? Think again


Research from an online entrepreneur in July found that a single spelling mistake on a website can cut online sales by 50%. This is mainly due to consumer worries about fraud and phishing scams; many people (and I’m one of them) believe that if the team behind a website can’t spell then they’re not a legit business.

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This research has been backed up by Oxford University. Professor William Dutton is the director of the Oxford Internet Institute and says that although spelling mistakes are more accepted on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, there is less tolerance on other sites.

“There are other aspects, such as a home page or commercial offering that are not among friends and which raise concerns over trust and credibility,” said Professor Dutton.

“In these instances, when a consumer might be wary of spam or phishing efforts, a misspelt word could be a killer issue.”

So if your site features words that are spelt incorrectly, commas in the wrong place or even the dreaded rogue apostrophe you could be losing out on thousands of pounds worth of potential sales.

Punctuation is more important than you may realise



Make sure that the content on your website is accurate by getting the content writing team here at Custard Media to produce it for you. As a UK-based in-house team of writers and journalists, we produce correct copy each and every time so whether you’re looking for site content, blog posts or press releases, contact us today for more information.

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