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Get the best out of Google places

For local businesses it is crucial to rank in Google places. It is important that businesses get this right so they are getting the appropriate amount of traffic to their site.

How to get this right? Don’t worry – I have written a quick “must do” guide on how to get your places listing nailed:

Complete all fields
Make sure the listing is as complete as possible, using all the available fields. The more information Google gets the better the listing is crawled.

A good way to make your listing rank is to get listed on as many citation sites as possible. However it’s critical that you make sure information is consistent across all the links you build. Having a reference of your business with an incorrect address on another site will have a negative effect.

No spamming
Don’t use keywords for the ‘business name’ and ‘business category’ fields as this will result in penalties. Save this for the description.

Don’t isolate your business
Stay away from the ‘service area’ feature – this has been seen to negatively affect rankings. Instead, select ‘no, customers come to the business location’.

Take the time to get customers to leave reviews. Could we encourage reviews on the site? Don’t be scared of negative reviews, as long as they’re mainly positive it will just make the good ones look genuine, and ALL reviews help rankings.

Unique listing information
If the client is a chain (e.g. Pizza Hut) make sure there is unique contact information for each listing (even URLs). Having the same phone number for each listing will result in penalties.

These are the main points that a business should consider when setting up their listing. If you would like expert help in setting up your listing contact Custard Media – the Local Listings SEO Agency.

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