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Facebook changing doesn’t mean it will charge you!

The new Facebook timeline is starting to be rolled out to users from today (unless, like a few of us here at Custard HQ you’re a bit of a techie and have used Mashable’s guide to get it early), and as ever with any change the inevitable “Facebook will start charging you!!!” rumours are spreading around again.

The rumours are nothing new

These urban legends have been around since the very beginnings of the internet. From Hotmail to AOL’s AIM instant messenger, to Myspace and now Facebook, each company has been the subject of one of these hoaxes.

They usually take the form of a message which proclaims to come from the CEO of the company in question and says that if it isn’t forwarded on to all your contacts or posted as a status, your account will be shut down or you’ll be charged for it.

Facebook charging – the truth

Simply when it comes down to it, it’s not in Facebook’s best interest to charge customers. Less people would use the service and the company’s aim is to get as many people on the social network as possible.

Facebook makes billions of dollars each year from its advertising schemes for businesses, and one of the main reasons why this is so successful is because of the sheer size of Facebook’s audience. Charging users would mean less of them and therefore would be detrimental to the site’s strong advertising position.

The site is always looking for new ways to make money, and the recent link-up with eBay and Paypal will probably increase the company’s revenue in the future, but charging users will never be on Mark Zuckerberg’s agenda as it would do more damage than good!

Facebook's homepage says its free

How clear do Facebook need to make it? You won't have to pay!

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