Getting the most out of your content marketing

Custard’s Managing Director, Sam Allcock, shares his advice on how to improve your chances of success every time, how to convert citations into links, and ultimately how to get the best return on your investment.

Get measurable #SEO results from content marketing

Our Managing Director Sam Allcock shares some tips on how to get the most out of your content marketing strategy.

Posted by Custard Online Marketing on Tuesday, 30 January 2018

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I’m Sam Allcock, Managing Director at Custard Online Marketing and I’m going to share some handy content marketing tips, which, if included as part of your SEO strategy, will help you see real results from this activity.

What’s the first thing I need to consider when creating a content marketing campaign?

It’s important to get buy-in from journalists before you create the piece.

Running your initial idea past a couple of media contacts will ensure you aren’t wasting any time on content that won’t get picked up. At this point, you are more likely to get feedback on the initial idea which can be used to make adjustments during the early stages, rather than trying to change the story once it’s been written.

Once you start distributing your content, if you want to make your story stick then the campaign needs to be as relevant as possible to your brand and services – if the link between the story and your brand is too weak, you might struggle to get anything published with your name against it.

How can I monitor the performance of a content marketing campaign?

It’s easier to measure impact if you can create content around a particular category of product or service that your business offers. This enables you to split test performance of this part of the site against another section which hasn’t benefitted from the same marketing activity.

You can measure the impact by tracking visibility and rankings of terms related to that particular category.

The most important way to measure campaign performance from an organic search perspective is to have an effective follow-up strategy to ensure you achieve the maximum number of backlinks from those sites which cover your story.

Whilst gaining brand mentions is great for overall awareness, especially if they are featured on high-quality sites such as the BBC and The Guardian, it’s hard to quantify their value. If you can convert those mentions into links then you’ll be able to measure click-throughs, and if the site hosting the link has a big enough profile you might even be able to see the effect directly through a measurable boost to your search rankings.

How do you maximise the chances of getting a link?

One way to improve your chances of getting a link is to produce a related feature somewhere on your website which includes additional related information such as graphs and statistics which enhance the piece that you are pitching.

If you are sending out a press release which includes a number of headline stats, create a complimentary landing page on your site which goes into detail on the most important facts and figures identified, whilst researching the piece as a whole. This gives the journalists a reason to link back to your site, as it offers greater value to their readers.

What kind of results can a single content marketing piece generate?

When using this methodology, a single content marketing piece can be highly successful. For example, a piece we ran for an insurance provider achieved over 150 pieces of coverage including 90 brand mentions and 60 links.

Combined with technical SEO, our content marketing helped achieve a significant yearly uplift in organic traffic and overall search visibility.

If you’re still struggling with your content marketing, come and talk to us. We have lots of case studies to share with you to prove that our content marketing really works.

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Good content marketing can have a major positive impact on a site’s organic performance, but achieving meaningful results on a consistent basis can be difficult without the correct preparation and team.

Here are a few of the publications on which we’ve achieved coverage for our clients through our tried and tested methodology:

Content marketing example coverage publications

If you’re looking to start a content marketing campaign for your company, or have recently launched a campaign but are struggling to see any tangible impact, you’ll want to watch our video on how to get the best results possible.

This video is delivered by our Managing Director, Sam Allcock, who has 13 years’ experience in the industry and has placed content on The BBC, The Daily Mail, PR Week and The Huffington Post, to name a few.

Demonstrating a measurable impact

Following our recommendations will help you to improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, but you’ll need to persevere because getting to a point where you see repeatable success doesn’t happen overnight.

To give you an example of the type of results we achieve through our content marketing campaigns, we can refer to a piece we created for an insurance client:

The content: We created a festive piece which warned pet owners of the dangers of chocolate poisoning in dogs, which involved:

  • Spending time analysing historic the vet bills from real claims, which resulted in the identification of an increase in the number of cases of chocolate poisoning in dogs.
  • Extrapolating various data to show that an estimated 2,000 dogs would suffer chocolate poisoning during Christmas 2016.
  • Compiling a press release which included additional information such as other dangers posed to pets during the festive period and additional stats onto a landing page for the client’s website.

The results: The campaign achieved over 150 pieces of coverage, including 60 links across national news on publications such as Yahoo!, The Independent, The Mirror, The Daily Record, as well as many pet and industry related blog / news sites and regional news publications.

This campaign was carried out alongside technical SEO activity and link building, and overall we managed to achieve the following results during a 6 month period:

  • Uplift in organic traffic of 59% YOY
  • Significant improvements amongst priority key rankings.

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