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Content Writing for Conversion

Here at Custard Media we’re proud of our content writers.

In the age of conversion optimisation, it’s not enough just to have well-written content. So not only do we produce site content that reads well, it’s also conversion-friendly.

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Why Conversion is Important for Content Writing

Some of the best writing on the net is unfortunately published on websites with poor conversion rates. Big blocks of text just aren’t visually appealling and if busy web users don’t like the look of a page, they’re unlikely to even read your content.

Would you read all this text?!

This page about hang gliding includes a link lower down asking visitors to join the association, but personally I wouldn’t read far enough down to see it. This huge block of text is unsightly and just gives the impression that I’m going to be reading forever.

How to Structure Your Page Content for Conversion

  • Appeal to skim readers

Notice how this page includes sub-headings? This is to allow those who are short of time to skim over the content and get straight to the section they’re interested in.

  • Break up the content with bullet points

This makes the text more digestable and more visually appealling. Compare this page with the one in the picture above – which would you prefer to read?

  • Make your text dynamic, not static

In case you hadn’t noticed, the first set of bullet points at the top of this page actually link to the relevant sections of the post. Credit to Matt Bessent for finding this page about how to add internal anchors using HTML. This allows readers to move directly to the section that interests them, as if by magic.

  • Make it visual

Images like the one above help readers to visualise what you’re talking about. So even if you rabbit on like me, use jargon or struggle to illustrate your point in writing, the pictures help persuade your audience that what you’re saying is the truth.

How Custard Media Can Improve Your Conversion

Custard Media’s content writers are well-trained in the art of conversion optimisation. Let us loose on your website and your content will be transformed into a conversion-friendly masterpiece of online wordplay.

If you’re interested in revamping your content writing and improving the conversion of your website, contact Custard Media today.

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