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How to grab the reader’s attention in online content

Before we begin, I want you all to know that I wrote this entire article completely naked and covered in maple syrup. Unfortunately for the ladies I’m making that up, but did reading it provoke a reaction? Confusion? Disgust? Pity? I hope so. If you...


Why Content is NOT King.

Hello. My name is Halit Bozdogan. Apart from sounding like a background character in Star Wars, I’m also a PR writer here at Custard.  In our ongoing mission to show that we are one of the best agencies around, I’ve been asked to write every so often...


Stuck For Ideas? Content Writing Tips

Have you ever started writing a blog post, press release or link building article and been completely stuck for ideas? No matter how much experience someone has in writing for online, there are still times when even trained writers struggle to think of...


Survey Shows That More Consumers Are Turning To Smartphones To View Content

Consumers are rapidly turning to electronic devices such as tablet computers and smartphones to view content, according to a recent survey. Findings by Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, reveal that...


Content Writing for Conversion

Here at Custard Media we’re proud of our content writers. In the age of conversion optimisation, it’s not enough just to have well-written content. So not only do we produce site content that reads well, it’s also conversion-friendly. [feature]In...

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