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Top 1 Copy Writing Tip for 2013

Google is a fickle friend. As many people are already aware, 2012 was inundated with algorithm changes that affected content on the web. Is that a bad thing? No of course not! Any type of change takes time to adjust but everyone in the marketing industry...


How can businesses use viral content?

It’s hard to log into your Facebook or Twitter account without finding the latest viral video or image of the week. There are a million and one viral videos and pictures out there, with everything from funny cats to crazy stunts available to watch at...


The 6 biggest PR blunders of 2012 (Part One)

With Christmas just around the corner now, it won’t be long before we’re saying goodbye to 2012 altogether. Before the year is out though, I just thought I’d go through some of this year’s biggest PR and marketing blunders. Why? Because they’re...


Why we love Google’s algorithm changes

Here at Custard we like to think that every cloud has a silver lining, and that’s certainly true when it comes to Google’s many algorithm changes. Google is constantly updating, tweaking and amending its algorithms. These changes always impact SEOs,...


4 Tips To Write Effective Web Friendly Content

As mentioned in a previous post, writing for the internet is a skill. It takes time. It takes effort. And possibly a coffee enema every once in a while. And whilst that post covers a technical side, I’m now going to share something with you that is...

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