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How to write web copy that converts

Regardless of what your business sells, writing great copy is the key to maximising the amount of leads or sales your website generates and getting the most from your traffic. Conversion optimisation is an important aspect of online marketing that’s...


What is Thin Content and Why is it Bad for SEO?

In February 2011, Google rolled out an update to its search algorithm called Panda – the first in a series of algorithm updates aimed at penalising low quality websites in search and improving the quality of their search results. Although Panda was...


How Surveys Can Help Your Online Marketing Campaign

Nothing adds authority to your content marketing campaign like hard data. Thanks to Google Forms, it’s easier than ever to carry out online surveys and discover new trends, facts and figures to use in your content. Surveys let you inform and educate...


Reddit Marketing – How to Supercharge Your Content Ideas

Reddit is the ninth most popular website in the United States and the 28th most popular website worldwide. Despite its massive popularity, it’s also a website that’s hugely misunderstood by marketers. With tens of millions of users spread across tens...


Baking the Perfect Article : What Needs to Go into Your Content

You might be a great writer. You might even be a fantastic writer. But if no one is reading your stuff, then who is going to know? There have been a ton of posts written about why creating a great piece of content works or ways to get your content...

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