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Google’s Penguin Update and The Changing Face of SEO

As a young, dynamic agency we’ve always tried to adapt to the ever-changing SEO environment. Our flexibility allows us to react quickly and even pre-empt major changes in Google’s algorithm; changes that completely flip the SEO industry on...


What Is PageRank?

Our link building monkeys constantly receive link opportunities from bloggers advertising their “PR6 site” – but what is PageRank, and is it really the best way of assessing the value of a website? PageRank – The Facts While PageRank...


Why Is Good Link Building So Hard To Do?

Last week I wrote about why Google took so long to announce a link disavow tool to aid webmasters in cleaning up their back link profiles.  I concluded saying that online marketing campaigns, specifically link building campaigns, need to be future-proof...


Why Google Took So Long Announcing Link Disavow Tool

2012; the year of Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the year of the London Olympics and the first time the England football team have had no pressure of winning a major tournament such as the Euros.  These are all momentous occasions that...


Google Updates: The End of ‘Easy’ SEO

If your business strategy includes a healthy dose of search engine optimisation, the chances are you’re already aware of the huge changes Google has made to its algorithm over the last few months. Thousands of sites being removed from the search engine’s...

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