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Google Ramps Up Reputation Management Ahead of US Senate ‘Grilling’

Google’s latest run-in with the US government has led to the company launching something of a charm offensive, highlighting the importance of corporate reputation management – even if you are a multinational internet giant. The US senate is...


Google Throws Small Businesses A Lifeline

Google ramped up its public relations activity this week with the news that the internet giant is helping companies without a web presence to launch their own websites. Read More


The Google Panda update – 6 months on

It was 6 months ago that we saw one of the biggest changes to SEO in a long time – the Google Panda update. Doesn’t time fly! Half a year later, what have been the more long term effects of the update? What is Panda? Unless you’ve been living under...


Why the New Google Design is GOOD for Web Users

Google recently launched it’s new design and was greeted with the same “I don’t like the new design” comments that Facebook users repeat ad nauseum whenever the site gets a refurb. But aside from that, what are the practical implications...

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