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Google announces shift to “mobile-first” indexing

On Friday, Google published this blog post, announcing that it is now in the process of rolling out “mobile-first indexing”. What is mobile-first indexing? In a nutshell, Google has decided that in light of the fact that the majority of searches...


What is Thin Content and Why is it Bad for SEO?

In February 2011, Google rolled out an update to its search algorithm called Panda – the first in a series of algorithm updates aimed at penalising low quality websites in search and improving the quality of their search results. Although Panda was...


Google Authorship and Author Rank – The Present and the Future

Imagine that sometime in the future, Google found a way to algorithmically determine the quality of online content and its authors, pushing those with the highest bar to the top of the results pages. No more sorting through page after page to get to the...


Google Wants You To Talk To Yourself

So, Google finally demo’d their Glass project and exactly how it’s going to look when worn – I have to admit I’m pretty impressed. I’m one of those people that are constantly getting lost so the GPS function looks pretty awesome. But there’s...


Web 3.0…or how I stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Semantic Internet

When you think of the numbers, there are some big ones attached to the internet. You’ve got: 1. 500 Million of Twitter users 2. A Billion Facebook users 3. 2.5 billion email addresses estimated by 2014 4. Over 14 billion indexed web pages In terms...

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