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How to Use Tags and Categories on your Blog

WordPress’s categories and tag features make it easy to organise your blog posts, improve your website’s search visibility and make finding the right content easier for your readers. Despite these huge benefits, tags and categories are frequently...


Why your company blog is useless and what to do about it

From inbound links and social signals to brand awareness and even sales, there are many benefits to business blogging – provided of course it’s done well. Like any other marketing tactic, it’s easy to assume all you need to do is churn out blog...


4 Quick Steps to Make Your Blog Titles More Powerful

Did you know businesses comprise around 8% of the total number of blogs worldwide. And some have really bad titles. They talk about products and services like it’s a sales pitch. Others are boring and non-descript. Your blog titles need to be powerful,...


Do We Actually Read Blogs Anymore?

It was recently reported that tumblr was proving to be more popular than Facebook amongst the 13-25 demographic, as well as introducing ‘real-time notification updates’, proving itself to be a real contender to Twitter, Facebook, and most importantly,...


5 Reasons Why No One is Reading Your Content Right Now

The internet is a vast place. Last year, there were 644 million active websites on the internet. That’s millions of websites and billions of pages. All with some form of content. It’s obvious that content is not hard to come by when surfing online....

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