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Is Bing on the Rise?

Should you be advertising on Bing as well as Google? With Google’s Search share reportedly hitting a five year low last month (let’s face it, it’s still dominating the market), is it time to look at Bing’s position in the UK paid search market? Google’s...


A Review of ‘Wordstream PPC Advisor’

PPC Management Tools So… we all know the standard Google tools used to effectively create, manage and optimise PPC campaigns, but there are a lot of tools out there other than Adwords, Analytics & Editor that are specifically designed to effectively...


Google’s Enhanced Campaigns

So the biggest noise coming from the PPC industry this week is surrounding Google’s announcement about Enhanced Campaigns. Here in the Custard Office we have been debating the pros and cons… Cons In the short term this is understandably a concern...


PPC For Dummies (How to make sure keywords don’t get you evicted)

Hi, I’m Laurence and I’m a new recruit to Custard as a Pay Per Click Account Manager. I’m going to be blogging a lot over the next few months and I thought I’d start off by giving you an insight into the world of online pay per click marketing. There...


What is the Google Adwords Quality Score?

It’s been a fairly big week in the world of Pay Per Click advertising as the official Google Adwords blog announced the launch of the improved quality score algorithm. Quality score is the lifeblood of Adwords, Google’s PPC platform. It ranks...

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