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Over Half Of All Twitter Users Follow At Least Six Brands: How To Make Sure Your Firm Is One Of Them

Last month, Twitter’s vice president of global brand strategy Joel Lunenfeld revealed that over half of the site’s users follow at least six brands on their personal feeds. In fact, 36% of all of Twitter’s users follow six – 20...


The Power of #foodporn (behave)

If there’s one single thing that I enjoy more in life than shoes, it’s food. Nigella can count herself as one of my favourite people ever, and I spent at least one of my formative years convinced that Jamie Oliver would be my future husband. So...


PPC For Dummies (How to make sure keywords don’t get you evicted)

Hi, I’m Laurence and I’m a new recruit to Custard as a Pay Per Click Account Manager. I’m going to be blogging a lot over the next few months and I thought I’d start off by giving you an insight into the world of online pay per click marketing. There...


Why Content is NOT King.

Hello. My name is Halit Bozdogan. Apart from sounding like a background character in Star Wars, I’m also a PR writer here at Custard.  In our ongoing mission to show that we are one of the best agencies around, I’ve been asked to write every so often...


TriCustard have entered the Fleetwood Triathlon 2011

The Tension around the office is becoming very apparent with Adam Livermore, Matt Bessent, Tom Cafferkey and Helen Barklam all only one week away from the Fleetwood triathlon event.  The event consists of a 400m swim, followed by a 20km bike finishing...

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