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Social Media And The Spread of Mis-Information

Did you know that the average human accidentally eats eight spiders a year? You’ve probably read it somewhere or been told by a friend trying to creep you out. Well, it’s baloney. Spiders, whilst being horrifyingly creepy nightmares, aren’t stupid...


Baking the Perfect Article : What Needs to Go into Your Content

You might be a great writer. You might even be a fantastic writer. But if no one is reading your stuff, then who is going to know? There have been a ton of posts written about why creating a great piece of content works or ways to get your content...


Voice recognition and the future of search

Science fiction has done loads to shape our perception of how the future will be. And despite the wealth of exciting and innovative technology now out our fingertips, one common complaint these days is “it’s the 21st century, where’s...


New Myspace – What We Think

Well this is a little strange, I’m writing a blog about the new Myspace about ten years after I used to write a lovely little self-loathing blog on the old Myspace. The difference is that apart from it being part of my job to write an interesting article...


How to grab the reader’s attention in online content

Before we begin, I want you all to know that I wrote this entire article completely naked and covered in maple syrup. Unfortunately for the ladies I’m making that up, but did reading it provoke a reaction? Confusion? Disgust? Pity? I hope so. If you...

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