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How to Promote Your Latest Blog Post

Running a company blog can be a fantastic opportunity to drive potential customers to your website. It’s a great way to give your customers more information about your services, or show people your industry knowledge. Plus, it’s a great opportunity...


5 Quick Changes To Ensure Journalists Open Your Emails

You’ve put countless hours into creating the best possible story before you send it out to press. While your story should be able to speak for itself, there’s no guarantee of that it will even be seen with journalists receiving hundreds of pitches...


There’s No Such Thing as A Boring Niche in Content Marketing

According to, every minute Facebook users like 4,166,667 posts, 300 hours of new video is uploaded to Youtube and Buzzfeed amasses an additional 34,130 video views. There are only so many hours in the day and as the volume of content being created...


Why Your Website Needs Content Marketing

From pay-per-click advertising to SEO, some marketing methods are easy to justify and even easier to quantify. They bring in leads and sales, often immediately, giving your business the fuel it needs to keep growing and developing. Other marketing methods...


How Surveys Can Help Your Online Marketing Campaign

Nothing adds authority to your content marketing campaign like hard data. Thanks to Google Forms, it’s easier than ever to carry out online surveys and discover new trends, facts and figures to use in your content. Surveys let you inform and educate...

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