Technical SEO case study

We were approached by a leading IT reseller to provide support with technical SEO improvements.


The company had been experiencing over two years of gradual decline in the share of the organic search market, and needed to find out the cause of this decline and the steps they should take to fix it.

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The Brief

Our task was to carry out a technical audit, which includes analysing things such as the website’s backlink profile, on-site content calibre and user experience, to find out what may have been causing the decline in search visibility and market share.

We would then advise what improvements should be implemented in order to improve the results.

The Approach

We pulled together a comprehensive SEO strategy to improve the organic search market share, which incorporated a significant amount of technical consultancy. The primary improvement we undertook was a disavow submission, analysing and cleaning up the company’s back link profile.

Our approach also included on-site content restructuring and rewriting, content marketing, editorial placements and monthly SEO housekeeping.

The Results

After our technical audit was produced, and our technical improvements were implemented, we began to see an uplift in the company’s domain authority and keyword rankings. We had carried out a disavow submission on the retailer’s backlink profile, and when Google’s Penguin update took effect in September, we saw a huge increase in their search visibility.

You can see from the graph above that the retailer’s share of the organic search market doubled. This increase is still continuing.

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