Founded in 1925, Opie Oils is now the UK’s largest independent retailer of automotive oils & fluids. Over the last few years they have expanded in to the car parts and accessories market, covering over 100 automotive brands.

The Problem

Opie Oils approached Custard for help with their paid digital marketing strategy.

They were suffering from low clickthrough rates and high CPA, resulting from poorly optimised campaigns that were targeting the wrong search terms.

Our Solution

Our focus in managing Opie Oils’ paid search accounts was to increase CTR and reduce CPA by creating laser-targeted campaigns that didn’t include irrelevant keywords. We continuously manage the paid search account to improve performance, making tweaks where necessary and constantly broadening the range of campaigns.

The Results

+116% Increase In Paid Search Revenue

Comparing paid search performance from April 2018 to April 2019 shows a dramatic turnaround in efficacy. Although the number of users coming to the site from paid ads decreased by 13%, bounce rate for those who did visit dropped by 19%, conversion rate increased by 111%, and revenue went up by a huge 116%.

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