E-commerce Retailer

Technical SEO

Visibility up 700%

The Brief

The team here at Custard Online Marketing were approached by an E-Commerce retailer specialising in sports kits and training merchandise from around the world. The retailer contacted us because the traffic and revenue suddenly dropped 50% over night.

We met with the team, asked a number of questions and ran some diagnostic tests on their website to highlight any errors, both on-site and off-site.

The Approach

Once all our tests were complete, we revealed that the problems causing the sudden drop in rankings were:

1. A number of hacked WordPress sites had gone live and were using the retailer’s database of products and hijacking his listings

2.Google had then crawled the WordPress sites, deeming them more authoritative than the E-Commerce site, therefore hijacking the website’s ranking positions

3. All the Meta tags on the retailer’s website weren’t optimised

To fix these issues, we contacted Google to report the hacked sites, after which each WordPress site was disavowed, removing their placement in Google and reinstating the rankings back to the E-Commerce site.

The Results

We began to see a huge improvement to the client’s ranking in just four weeks. Following our instructions, the retailer gave their website an overhaul, optimising all the Meta tags and improving the on-site SEO across the board. When we started working with the retailer, in October of 2015, the search visibility from Searchmetrics.com had dropped from just under 3,000 to almost 500. Following our instructions and advice, their search visibility went up to over 4,000 in December of 2015, showing an improvement on their previous performance.

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