117% YoY Increase In Organic Revenue

Project Type

Technical SEO Audit




Founded in 1925, Opie Oils is now the UK’s largest independent retailer of automotive oils & fluids.

Over the last few years they have expanded in to the car parts and accessories market, covering over 100 automotive brands.

The Problem

Opie Oils approached Custard for help with their organic digital marketing strategy. Although the Opie Oils site was performing well within the industry, there was plenty of room for improvement.

There were several main problems with the site that were holding it back from achieving its potential, including an issue with significant page duplication that was causing large-scale keyword cannibalisation.

Our Solution

To maximise Opie Oils’ organic performance, we undertook a full technical audit to identify any potential issues with the site that might be holding back organic performance. A long list of recommended actions resulted, including:

  • Removing category duplication issues by redirecting all duplicated category pages to the most powerful URL
  • Adding noindex tags to select URLs
  • Setting up 301 redirects from HTTP to HTTPS URLs and non-www HTTPS URLs to the www versions

We worked with Opie Oils to implement our recommendations, making sure they were carried out thoroughly.

Jumpstart Your Success

The Results

Opie Oils saw significant improvements from the work they implemented following our technical audit, with organic performance showing a dramatic improvement year on year.

The Bottom Line

+25% 6-Month Search Visibility Change
Opie Oils’ improved organic performance was represented in their increased search visibility as measured by Searchmetrics, growing by over 25% in a 6-month span.

+117% YoY Organic Revenue
Year on year, this improvement in organic performance resulted in a huge increase of 117% to organic revenue. This was a result of not only increasing the number of users coming to the site by 36%, but also reducing bounce rate.