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Businesses Tackle Disgruntled Customers via Social Networks

There is a line that workers need to follow when using social media sites for their employer but more and more businesses are using tools like Facebook and Twitter to enhance customer service.

The popularity of these websites has soared over the past couple of years with many Britons conversing with friends and family over these platforms. And now many consumers are looking to these sites to engage with businesses so it is no wonder why corporations are increasing their social media presence.

According to a recent study by a customer service provider called Sword Ciboodle, 75% of companies in the UK and in America use social media outlets as an avenue for customer service to tackle disgruntled customers.

It found that:

– Out of 400 organisations surveyed, 85% use both Twitter and Facebook to liaise with their customers and the biggest reason stated why businesses are getting involved is that the customers themselves requested them to use the medium.

– What is more, 71% of customers go online first when they have an issue or problem with a product, so therefore it is wise for businesses to meet them where they are based.

Further results show that 89% of businesses believe that providing customer service via social media sites is a good move and that 91% consider it to be good for the customer too.

But does it matter what size your firm?

Well the survey revealed that the size of a company has some influence on how social media is utilised. 40% of businesses with more than 1000 employees have been using Twitter or Facebook for customer service for the past two years whereas 35% of smaller companies hadn’t even gotten around to trying the model.

However this is irrelevant, any business can get involved with using the online platform and if you are struggling with the man power a social media marketing agency like us can help!

Custard Media’s Top Tips

  • Search for mentions of your brand name in Twitter’s feed to find posts.
  • Don’t delay in responding; the quicker you reply you will show how important it is that you value their opinion as well as damage control.
  • Be honest; people make mistakes so don’t be afraid to apologise.
  • Post a status on Facebook asking for consumer’s experiences/feedback of your products; it will help you better your services and demonstrate that you care about your customers.

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