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4 Great Ways to Use Excel for SEO

Custard Media is home to some true Excel enthusiasts (myself included). It seems there’s no area of SEO that can’t be made easier by Excel – here are 4 of the best uses of Excel for SEO we’ve found this week. Read More


Why the New Google Design is GOOD for Web Users

Google recently launched it’s new design and was greeted with the same “I don’t like the new design” comments that Facebook users repeat ad nauseum whenever the site gets a refurb. But aside from that, what are the practical implications...


How To Save Time Link Building with Outlook Mail Merge

Link Building is a time-consuming process and there are many of us who wish it wasn’t such a necessary part of SEO. However, we at Custard Media have a little secret. Here’s how we saved hours with Outlook’s mail merge function. Read...


How to Write Meta Data

Here at Custard we like to think we’re pretty savvy when it comes to the technical aspects of SEO, but what about the more simple stuff like how to write meta data for a web page? Read More


Top Five PPC Techniques We Learnt Yesterday!

Yesterday the Custard Media team were treated to a day of advanced PPC super-training, and even though we like to think we offer a pretty darn good pay-per-click service already, it opened up a whole new world of opportunities for our clients. Presenting: Custard’s...

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