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Published on: 12/02/20 by

How To Hunt For Featured Snippets

No-click SERPs are an SEO’s horror story, and featured snippets are the main villain. Since they were introduced as ‘quick answers’ in 2013, featured snippets have spread, not unlike a virus, across Google’s search engine…

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Published on: 29/01/20 by

The Fundamentals Of Blog Post SEO

Increase blog traffic with 21 easily actionable SEO tips to make each post on your blog more organically successful. No matter how great you think a blog post is, Google has the liberty to disagree.…

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Published on: 1/01/20 by

32 Of The Best Manchester-Based Blogs

Find the Manchester blogs you’ve always been looking for with our list of the best feeds to read to keep your finger on the pulse of the capital of the North. Manchester, our home, is…

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