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Find the Manchester blogs you’ve always been looking for with our list of the best feeds to read to keep your finger on the pulse of the capital of the North.

Manchester, our home, is constantly hailed as one of the fastest growing and most innovative UK cities, with the digital sector in particular flourishing year after year.

The hundreds of digital agencies in Greater Manchester, specialising in everything from SEO to design, attract clients from all over the world, but Manchester’s digital edge isn’t all about commerce. It’s also home to some of the most creative and consistent independent bloggers in the country.

We’ve put the research in to compile a list of the best Manchester bloggers and blogs, writing everything from lifestyle long-reads to travel tales. Find your new favourite Manchester blog with our help.

Manchester Lifestyle Blogs

There are lots of things to do in Manchester, and lots of bloggers to tell you about them. These Manchester-based lifestyle bloggers cover every aspect of their day-to-day lives in their posts, from their thoughts on the best places to eat, the best shops to browse, and the best attractions to absorb, to how they’re feeling and what they’re wearing.

  1. Anoushka Loves
  2. Powder Rooms
  3. Lily Kitten
  4. Sequin This
  5. Lee Lee Loves
  6. Life of Ellie Grace

Manchester Food Blogs

Manchester’s food scene is huge and still growing rapidly, with hundreds of restaurants across the city serving dishes from around the world. Choice can be paralysing, but these Manchester food bloggers can help to narrow down your search with their opinions on the best restaurants in the city, or at least give you delicious at-home recipes to try so you don’t feel like you’re missing out.

  1. Miss Pond
  2. Phat Cupcake
  3. Hungry Healthy Happy
  4. Spamella B
  5. Elsa Eats
  6. Eat and Two Veg

Miss Pond

Miss Pond

Miss Pond offers recipes and meal plans to create at home, with lots of her articles focusing on healthy ingredients to help you maintain your diet while still eating well. She also reviews the best local restaurants. We particularly liked her review of Nothern Quarter restaurant, Pen and Pencil.

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How did you get in to blogging?

I got into blogging because I needed something to distract me during the tough times in my PhD. It started from there really, it helped build my creativity and I now really enjoy sharing my experiences with my readers as well as my recipes.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to start blogging?

If you’re starting out, don’t worry about other bloggers around you. Blog for you and don’t feel pressured to blog more than you can fit into your schedule.

What can we expect from you in the future?

In the future I hope my blog will be a hub for recipes of all kinds. I’m also looking to start a self-care series, sharing other bloggers favourite things to do to look after themselves, mainly starting with sharing favourite comforting recipes.

Can you detail your favourite three posts from your blog?

My favourite posts from my blog are:
·         Self-Care Sunday
·         My chocolate and raspberry cheesecake brownies recipe
·         My seafood pasta recipe

Manchester Fashion Blogs

Once the centre of world cotton trade, earning the nickname Cottonopolis in the process, Manchester’s no stranger to the fashion industry. It’s still deeply embroiled in the world of clothing, too, with fashion start-ups from Manchester like boohoo.com reaching worldwide acclaim. If you’re keen to stay tuned in to the latest in street style, though, check out these Manchester fashion bloggers’ feeds.

  1. Shot from the Street
  2. The Life Lately
  3. Fashionicide
  4. Suede and Symphony
  5. Nateisha Monique

Manchester Beauty Blogs

Beauty topics are another blogging mainstay, and Manchester has its fair share of makeup masters and bath bomb believers who offer their insights into the world of preening. From product recommendations to routine run-throughs, these are the best Manchester-based beauty bloggers to keep up with.

  1. Jasmine Talks Beauty
  2. Life of Ellie Grace
  3. Sweetie Sal
  4. Bamblings of Naffy
  5. Of Beauty and Nothingness
  6. That Grace Girl

Jasmine Talks Beauty

If you’re looking for round-ups of beauty items and reviews of new makeup products, Jasmine Talks Beauty is where you need to be. Jasmine shares unbiased opinions on the latest launches in her blog to help guide her readers’ journey through the overwhelming selection of cosmetics to choose from.

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How did you get in to blogging?

It was a combination of factors. I got into beauty because I was always someone who had one of every makeup product and once I ran out of it, I bought a new one. However, I went to repurchase my usual blusher and found it had been discontinued so started Googling alternatives and discovered beauty blogs. Soon I was reading them every single day!

I started my own blog essentially out of boredom; it was the start of summer and all my university friends still had exams, but I was all done. I honestly didn’t expect anything to come of it and I don’t think I got a single comment or more than about 10 views on a post for the first 3 months!

What advice would you give to anyone looking to start blogging?

My best advice would be, firstly, not to expect too much too soon. I think some people start blogs and then wonder why they aren’t Zoella after 3 posts!

Yeah, some blogs do take off really quickly, however others that are now massive took forever to gain a following. Just keep at it and keep improving!

Also don’t compare yourself negatively to others. It’s hard but try to see other people’s blogs as motivation to improve your own instead of feeling bad that yours will never be as good.

There are people who I used to compare myself unfavourably to when I first started and they’ve long since stopped blogging all together!

What can we expect from you in the future?

At the moment I’m still so passionate about beauty but I’m feeling more and more comfortable with showing more of myself and the person behind the blog. My blog will always have a beauty focus but I do expect to be doing more lifestyle content going forwards.

Can you detail your favourite three posts from your blog?

It’s kind of hard to choose my favourites but I’m going to go with the three that sprung to mind first! One of them would have to be my post called Upping my Blog Photography Game – it was such a turning point for both me and my blog.

I feel like so many more people started reading my content around that time and I started to get passionate about photography. I think something just clicked and my own style began to develop as well as me taking more time to understand photography (and me realising it was just as important as the written content of the post).

My post 5 Days in New York City is also a favourite because I literally sat and wrote it on the floor of JFK airport. I wasn’t really sure if people would care particularly about what I got up to on my first ever trip to New York but it turned out to be hugely popular. It definitely made me feel more confident in putting out this sort of content and I think it’s a post I will look back on in future years and it’ll take me right back to that trip!

Finally my post The Drugstore Foundation Problem was an opportunity to write more of an ‘opinion’ piece that I felt strongly about which also connected with my love of beauty. It was about how the UK high street still doesn’t cater to a variety of skin tones when it comes to affordable foundations. I really wasn’t expecting the crazy response from my readers that I got!

Manchester Travel Blogs

It’s a wide world out there, and the sheer volume of potential travel destinations and sights to see is overwhelming for even the most seasoned of travellers. Even trying to choose where to go in Manchester is hard enough. If you’re looking for advice on the tourism highlights of Manchester or want to follow along on a Mancunian’s travels around the world, these Manchester travel blogs are your best bet.

  1. Jet Set Chick
  2. Moon and Forest
  3. The Skyliner
  4. Travelling Tom
  5. The Fabulous Times
  6. Jollies and Jaunts

Manchester Fitness Blogs

Working out is hard, and even harder when you do it alone without inspiration. Luckily, fitness bloggers are on hand with advice, routines, and progress updates to keep you in the zone. Whether you’ve just started your gym membership or you’re already knee deep in gains and looking for an extra push, here are some Manchester fitness blogs that can help keep you fit.

  1. That Squat Bot
  2. Lipstick Lettuce Lycra
  3. Vicki Mellard PT

That Squat Bot

From yoga to running, weightlifting to learning how to cook nutritious meals, That Squat Bot focuses on fitness in all its forms. Sarah, the woman behind this Manchester-based blog, offers advice for anyone looking to increase their fitness levels and give their health a boost.

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How did you get in to blogging?

I had a fashion blog before That Squat Bot, so I was already in the blogosphere, but started to look around for fitness blogs to read after I started going to the gym and running. I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I decided to create what I was looking for – something fun and slightly tongue-in-cheek, but with a genuine love for fitness and activity running through it!

What advice would you give to anyone looking to start blogging?

The first thing you need to do is just start – don’t agonise over it. Whatever you do won’t be perfect at first, but you’ll start experimenting and finding your voice and your niche. Secondly, decide what it is what you want from your blog. Do you want it to become a business, or would you just like to make friends from it? Make a plan with this in mind, then just work consistently towards it.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I’ve just started a new job, which has unfortunately taken away much of the headspace I used for my blog, but I’m really working hard at getting better at CrossFit so hopefully I will be documenting my foray into competition in the near future!

Can you detail your favourite three posts from your blog?

That’s a really tough one – I have favourite posts because of different reasons. It could be that I just love the photos (these Olympic lifting shots are cool), or that I worked hard on researching the content (like my yoga for CrossFitters post with my yoga teacher friend, Marley) but my very favourite post is probably my interview with Sam Briggs, who is one of my favourite CrossFit athletes, also hailing from Manchester.

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