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How to Create Blog Post Titles that Generate Clicks

Writing content is the easy part of crafting a blog post – the hard part is trying to get it seen by the relevant audience.

One of the most important things to note when creating an article to publish on your blog is to remember that the title is the main thing which sells your content.

It is one of the primary things that a search engine will pick up when your page is being indexed and enables the content to rank well for relevant search queries.

However, it is not always as easy as it sounds. There are many examples that can be used to generate clicks, including:


Quantifiable titles

People like reading organised lists and according to Moz, 39% of people prefer headlines that include a number.

Quantifiable blog post titles have the ability to transform a simple list into a compelling headline that can intrigue an audience into reading the full article.

Some examples include:

–  13 Tips for Creating an Awesome Blog Post Title

– 5 Things You Should Know Before Publishing a Blog Post

– 3 Things Marketers Wish You Knew About Blog Post Titles


Use a warning

If a blog post title expresses a sense of urgency or danger, it is more likely to intrigue the reader and encourage them to read your article sooner rather than later.

Although the nature of the article may sound negative, the psychology behind headlines that express urgency work effectively as it influences the audience to read your article immediately.

blog post titles that generate clicks

Some examples of warning titles include:

– Fatal Mistakes You May Be Making with Your Blog Posts

– How Bad Blog Post Titles Can Destroy Your Company Blog

– Urgent Factors That You Need to Include in Your Blog Post Titles


Ask a question

Titles that include a single question mark have almost double the amount of social shares than those without, so incorporating them into your headline creation strategy could lead to a new audience discovering your blog.

Answering a question within a blog post has many benefits and are a great way to encourage people to click the title to find out more information that may be useful to them.

Here are some blog post titles that can be used to provide answers to common search terms:

– How Can I Improve My Blog Post Titles?

– Do Questions Make Good Blog Post Titles?

– Why Aren’t My Blog Post Titles Generating Clicks?


Avoiding clickbait

Accuracy is key when it comes to crafting a click-worthy blog title as it sets clear expectations for your reader, detailing exactly what the article is about.

As harsh as it sounds, the readers of your blog are lazy. They’ll visit your site solely for one purpose – to find out the information that they’ve searched for. If you’re not going to give it to them, the chances are they’ll hop somewhere else – potentially the sites of your competitors.

This pogo-sticking method that many searchers use can have negative effects on your bounce rate, as well as enforce lack of trust that could be damaging if the reader ever were to come across articles from your website in the future.


Share a secret

Sharing insider knowledge about your industry is an excellent way to draw clicks to your article.

If you are writing a company blog, one of your main priorities should be to convince your audience that you’re an expert in the industry. It shows that you are able to provide trustworthy information and persuade a prospective customer that you know more about your topic than your competitors.

Sharing secrets and insider information is a great way to build up trust with your audience and is likely to generate clicks through people wanting to learn more. It shows that your company is reputable and can spill the beans on what other brands may fail to tell.

Some examples of these titles include:

– The Secret to Creating Amazing Blog Post Titles

– 5 Secrets About Blog Posts That You Need to Know

– 10 Things They Don’t Want You to Know About Blogging


Are you using these titles in your blog post strategy? Although it can take a considerable amount of time to create an interesting headline that generates clicks, doing so has the ability to improve your websites’ traffic and visibility.

To find out more about how implementing a blogging schedule on your company website can be beneficial, get in touch. Our content creation team would be more than happy to help!

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