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How to Promote Your Latest Blog Post

Running a company blog can be a fantastic opportunity to drive potential customers to your website.

It’s a great way to give your customers more information about your services, or show people your industry knowledge. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to target long tail keywords.

But even if you create the best content possible, it won’t matter if no one reads it.

To make sure your blog posts reach as many potential customers as possible, there are a few ways you can promote your content.

Create an email newsletter

The best way to keep track of your visitors, is by offering them to chance to receive updates on new posts via email. Once they’ve signed up, you can review the names and email addresses, and add them to an email newsletter list.

Here at Custard, we use Mail Chimp to collate our newsletter email list (which you can sign up for with the subscription box in the sidebar!)

Once you’ve created your newsletter, make sure to include specifically new content just for your subscribers. It doesn’t have be long, or detailed, just enough so that they are getting something special for signing up.

With Mail Chimp, once your newsletter is sent, you’re able to track the open rate, find out who’s unsubscribed and why, and see how your newsletter is performing against others in your industry. Use these insights to improve your newsletter each month.

Matt Ackerson of Petovera went from 2 to 20+ new email subscribers every day by treating every page on their site as an opportunity to capture new subscribers.

The strategy was simple;

1) Get traffic with truly valuable content that will help your target audience.

2) Convert that traffic into email subscribers.

3) Convert your emails subscribers to qualified leads and sales.

You can read how Matt and the team did it on the leadpages blog here.

Submit your post to social bookmarking sites

Websites which collate and publish news stories from across the world, such as Reddit and Stumbleupon, are a great way to increase the traction of your posts. Both these sites have been responsible for sending content viral, and can boost your chances of having your blog picked up by online news outlets and magazines.

Make sure when you’re posting that you’ve correctly labelled your blog post, so that you’re adhering to the publishing rules of the site you’re on. This will also help with allowing visitors to find your content quickly when searching for relevant topics.

Over a 30 day period, Process Street saw an 11% increase in blog traffic from social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Inbound and GrowthHackers.

Here’s an example of a post they wrote for /r/startups promoting a piece on customer success:


In this post on, they discuss how to utilise each network to best drive traffic.

Republish your blog post to Medium

You’ll notice a lot of our tips are about syndicating your content to other outlets. That’s because republishing is a sure fire way of expanding your audience reach and getting your content in front of potential new customers.

Medium is a “place to share stories and have the best ones delivered to you”. It’s become very popular with bloggers, both budding and established. Medium is a product of Twitter, meaning that your followers on the social site become your followers on Medium.

It’s extremely simple to republish on Medium, and its huge audience base means that once you’ve appropriately tagged your blog post, your content is exposed to thousands of new readers. Medium also provides traffic back to your websites and gives you the chance to be published on another news site.

Medium is not a single place to keep your content, it’s simply a vehicle for gaining more interaction and traffic.

Benji Hyam of saw 10,000 views of his first Medium article within 4 days.

The post continued to gain views for the next three weeks and was even picked up by the Huffington Post.


In the post, Benji talks about how he did it – in analysing his favourite Medium posts for similarities and quizzing the authors of other successful posts for their approaches. Read it here.

Gaining traffic from Quora

Quora is a Q&A community in which users ask their burning questions and people with relevant experience or knowledge can answer them.

When using Quora, you can search for questions that can be answered by a particular blog post you’ve published and respond to the query. You can sum up key points from your post in your answer, then link back to your blog for the full content. This gives you the opportunity to be a lot less salesy and provide more value to your audience.

Cara Tarbaj from Wishpond wrote an article last July about how she was able to generate over 10,000 views of her blog content by answering questions on Quora.

Cara documents the four simple steps to Quora success

1) Choose a blog post to use as your answer and a link back

2) Find a new question to answer or one with more than 1,000 views per week

3) Answer questions with helpful advice and link back to your blog post

4) Track the traffic and the ROI coming from your answers on Google Analytics

Read the full details on the blog post here –

Influencer Outreach

Outreaching to influencers is a great way to not only get your blog noticed by industry leaders, but also to expose your blog to their (potential) millions of followers. There are several ways you can go about this, as Rand Fishkin explains on

The Simple Nudge

This is exactly what it sounds like, gently nudging an influencer to read something you’ve written that you’ll think they’ll love.

The Inclusion Mention

When your influencer tweets something that’s relevant to your blog post, you could reply with “this blog post we’ve written could help you with that problem”.

The Review

This is a tough one, but if used sporadically, it can grab an influencer’s attention. Review something your influencer has written/created, and ensure you’re reviewing something you like, as positive reviews tend to go down better.

You can watch the video here –

So, now that you have your blog post ready, employ the above tactics to ensure your content receives the attention it deserves.

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