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Baking the Perfect Article : What Needs to Go into Your Content

You might be a great writer. You might even be a fantastic writer. But if no one is reading your stuff, then who is going to know?

There have been a ton of posts written about why creating a great piece of content works or ways to get your content noticed.

But chances are, you probably know all this. I’m not here to talk about the whys and ways.

I want to talk to you about the ingredients themselves. Not all of them. Like I said, I’ve written about this before. So here’s just a taste. A couple of things that you always should keep in mind.

These are the little pieces of a much larger pie. A pie that should taste delicious and fill the creative stomach of anyone who wants a piece.



Custard Content

This is an actual pie. Just as delicious but not what I mean.



This is what should be going into every piece of content you put out there. Now, I’ve spoken before about how to write great content. This is just a refresher course on the ingredients that you absolutely have to check are in each piece you write.

A headline that works.

Copyblogger said this first, but it’s something worth knowing. On average, if 10 people happen to click on your piece, then chances are that 8 will read your headline. But only 2 people will read the entire piece.

This clearly indicates that the strength of your headline is something you need to consider wisely.

The headline should really feed into another point I want to get across.


Your content should answer a question.


What you are writing should be telling people something they don’t know and maybe should.

Your headline should be telling people that what you are writing does that.

The juicy chunks of content filling.

If you’ve managed to turn those 2 people into 5, or 6 or hopefully 11, then be aware of the following.


People are inherently lazy.


We get bored easily and when it comes to reading on the web, we scan rather than read. Huge chunk of writing?


No thanks.


This is why you need to spice things up with:

  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Pictures
  • Video


These are the morsels that make your content ripe and succulent. Those quick and easy digestible pieces of content food will go down much better than a big old slab of food wordage.



Custard Content

Pictured: what happens when you swallow your prose whole.




The right amounts. From the right shops.

Sometimes, buying your ingredients from the pound shop will not cut it. It won’t taste nice. It won’t bake right. It’s going to be a terrible pie.

Use quality ingredients. Source your information and content from accurate and reliable places. Want to see an example of bad content?

Take a look at the Daily Mail. In 2012, they wrote content on Carol Vorderman renting a luxury yacht based on this:



Custard Content




Vorderman only meant the tweet as a joke, yet this story was then printed as being fact a few hours later, without proper reporting and sourcing being done.


The bottom line here is –

research, research, research.



Custard Content

The bottom line here is simply bottom.



It’s not hard to create really interesting content if you use the right ingredients in the right proportion.

Agree? Disagree? Think there’s more to it? Want more pictures of classy older lady Carol Vorderman?

Let me know your thoughts.


Parting Shot

 “In the writing process, the more a story cooks, the better.“

 – Doris Lessing



{Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Daily Mail}


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