Thom Clark



Social Media And The Spread of Mis-Information

Did you know that the average human accidentally eats eight spiders a year? You’ve probably read it somewhere or been told by a friend trying to creep you out. Well, it’s baloney. Spiders, whilst being horrifyingly creepy nightmares, aren’t stupid...


Google Wants You To Talk To Yourself

So, Google finally demo’d their Glass project and exactly how it’s going to look when worn – I have to admit I’m pretty impressed. I’m one of those people that are constantly getting lost so the GPS function looks pretty awesome. But there’s...


Do We Actually Read Blogs Anymore?

It was recently reported that tumblr was proving to be more popular than Facebook amongst the 13-25 demographic, as well as introducing ‘real-time notification updates’, proving itself to be a real contender to Twitter, Facebook, and most importantly,...


The Top 5 Health Risks Of Social Media

Hi all, Tom here and I’m the new social media executive at Custard. Even though I’ve been here just a week, it’s a pretty awesome place and the work is top-notch. I’m a huge believer in the power of social and how it’s going to shape the digital...

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