Sophie Rahnema



DKNY Face the Wrath of the Blogosphere

It’s been a while since I’ve written something for Custard. Not intentionally of course. It’s just that I work in social media and it’s quite easy to get distracted, what with all the fashion weeks happening, Twitter’s Vine app trying to take...


What does Facebook Graph Search mean for your business?

So, the elusive Facebook Graph Search. A while ago, Custard shared a post on our Facebook page asking whether something like this was actually on the cards. It turned out we were right (as is often the case) and on January 15th, we were all subject to...


New Myspace – What We Think

Well this is a little strange, I’m writing a blog about the new Myspace about ten years after I used to write a lovely little self-loathing blog on the old Myspace. The difference is that apart from it being part of my job to write an interesting article...


The Power of #foodporn (behave)

If there’s one single thing that I enjoy more in life than shoes, it’s food. Nigella can count herself as one of my favourite people ever, and I spent at least one of my formative years convinced that Jamie Oliver would be my future husband. So...

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