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A Guide to Google’s Link Disavow Tool

Hi I’m Jake and this post is about Google’s new tool, the Link Disavow Tool for those people who struggle to remove harmful links that are linking back to their site. At the glitzy PubCon search and social media conference and expo event in Las Vegas...


Social Media: An Insight into the Lives of Others

Everyone, even though they may not know it, does actually know or use some kind of social media on a daily basis. Whether they use YouTube to listen to music, Twitter to tweet about the latest breaking news, or Facebook to update their status; pretty...


Yet another new Facebook update…

Following on from Kaleigh’s blog post yesterday about the new changes that Facebook have brought in, we have more news for you. Yes you guessed it, Facebook has made yet more changes! f8 Conference Last night (5:30pm UK time) there was a conference...


SEO Drives Up to 30% More Online Revenue Than Previously Thought

In August, Google launched Multi Channel Funnels in Analytics. This week it has been revealed that natural SEO drives 30% more revenue than could initially be seen from traditional conversion tracking, a statistic that became provable thanks to the new...

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