Twitter verification process under the spotlight

Micro-blogging site Twitter has come under scrutiny after a spoof account said to belong to the wife of News International overlord Rupert Murdoch was mistakenly marked as a verified account. Verified accounts feature a blue tick which is meant to prove...


Google doesn’t consider SEO to be spam

One of Google’s most prominent figures has released a video confirming that the search engine doesn’t consider SEO to be spam. Matt Cutts, the head of the search engine’s Webspam team, answered the question “is SEO spam?” in a newly released...


Google to reveal less keyword data for Analytics

Google have posted an entry on both their main blog and Analytics blog about new changes which they say will improve browsing security but will also have a significant impact on many website owners and Analytics users, as it will be harder to track the...


SEO study reveals top 3 positions receive 35% of traffic

In just five years the number of people clicking through the top three Google positions has fallen by almost half according to a new study done by an American SEO company. The top 3 search engine results now generate 35% of all traffic, compared to 62%...


Facebook changing doesn’t mean it will charge you!

The new Facebook timeline is starting to be rolled out to users from today (unless, like a few of us here at Custard HQ you’re a bit of a techie and have used Mashable’s guide to get it early), and as ever with any change the inevitable “Facebook...

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