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Are Google Getting Desperate to Keep Up With The Facebook Like?

Last week Google made an announcement about a number of advancements for the Google+1, including open signup.

A further advancement is that Google are now rolling out the +1 button on the Display Network for AdSense publishers, meaning that as of October 2011 display ads will show +1 in the bottom corner of the advert.

Google suggests that this to make ads more noticeable for users and with one click they will be able to share the ads with friends, family and the rest of their social media contacts.  Once clicked, the ad will be displayed in their social media profile with their profile picture displayed in the bottom.

+1 on display adsThe user becomes an endorser for your adverts and as a result helps you increase the number of clicks, which in turn will lead to higher revenue over time…in theory!

I am actually a bit of a sceptic when it comes to Google+1, I just don’t see the need or the point of it to be honest.  Maybe it is because none of my friends, that are perfectly happy on Facebook, are that bothered about it, so I would be sharing things on +1 with…myself and I don’t think that I am the only person that feels like this.

However, with this AdSense advancement I am somewhat in two minds.  As an AdSense publisher, I like the idea of people sharing my ads and pushing them to their friends to click on; it can’t be a bad thing.  As a loyal Facebook user I see it as a desperate attempt to push more buttons out into the web to try and keep up with the Facebook ‘Like’.

If that is the case then Google really are going to have to pull something out of their sleeve to keep up with the staggering 382,861 ‘Likes’ every 60 seconds on Facebook, 22,971,660 Likes every hour and 551,319,840 Likes every day!

Google are really going to have to try hard to get anywhere near that.  So what’s going to be their next stunt I hear you ask? I imagine it won’t be too long before this becomes available to AdWords PPC publishers and that will be an interesting advancement and one where I will leave my scepticism at home!

For more information you can visit the Google AdSense Blog. If you need help with your PPC or social media marketing activity, get in touch with Custard Media today.

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