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AdWords app launches on Android devices

I have been creating and managing AdWords campaigns for almost 10 years now and the greatest bugbear for me has always been the inability to monitor and manage client accounts on the move without having to lug my laptop around with me.

Well not anymore as it appears my prayers have now been answered!

Today I have downloaded the AdWords app for Android and I have to say I am just a tad excited.

Google released details via their Inside AdWords blog and uptake has been relatively quick and initial reviews are positive.

At first glance the app looks great and Google tell us that we can do all our usual day to day tasks through the app:

adwords android app

Adwords android app


Whether it lives up to expectations is another story but I will certainly be using this app a lot over the coming weeks to determine if it is an invaluable tool or another Google damp squib.

It is never going to be a replacement for working from a computer via the main UI but it is certainly useful to have an ‘on the go’ option.

Want to have a go yourself? Download the app from Google Play and let us know how you get on.

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