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5 Reasons Why No One is Reading Your Content Right Now

The internet is a vast place. Last year, there were 644 million active websites on the internet. That’s millions of websites and billions of pages. All with some form of content.

It’s obvious that content is not hard to come by when surfing online. Heck, it’s all content by definition. But chances are however, the majority of it is bad content. Or, even worse, it’s great content, but it’s just not getting read.

By anyone.



Except this guy.


Let’s take a look at why that might be. Chances are that it’s one or maybe even all of the following.


Too vague

What you are talking about needs to be completely and wholly focused on something. Just blithely creating content for quantity’s sake just isn’t going to cut it. Not today.

Finding a niche market that benefits both your creative needs and the needs of a readership is difficult. But if can be done. Here is an article which highlights the benefits of finding a viable niche.


The engagement is off

A piece of content doesn’t end when you hit ‘publish’. There might be the situation where people actually read your work and feel they should comment on it.

Positive or negative, this is a good thing.

But if you’ve never actually bothered to check if people are talking about your stuff, then you need to change your ways. It’s as simple as that.



Engagement is a crucial and viable method of gaining more readers and visitors for you content. If you are not doing this then no one will put the effort in to read your content.

You know when you watch a film and it’s so good, you just have to nag your friends to watch it as well?

Same deal. Only this time, Bruce Willis should be thanking you for watching ‘Die Hard’ for the 18th time. You must
–          Engage
–          Interact
–          Comment
–          Say thanks
–          Include a call to action at the end to provoke this engagement


Don’t do this, and your content will die a quick cyber death. Also, it’s worth mentioning that a specific schedule must be set up when it comes to releasing content.

And you need to stick to it. It’s the only way to ensure a constant readership. Mess with the schedule and you mess with a/your reader’s trust.


Your title does not bring all the boys to the yard

See what I’ve called this article? To save you from scrolling up it’s this:


5 Reasons Why No One is Reading Your Content Right Now


That title needs no explanation. It is expressing itself quite well. When people are searching for why no one is reading their content, this is something that answers that question quite nicely.

Your title is the encapsulation of your entire content. People are not going to read your content first.

They are going to read the title. If it’s boring. If it doesn’t entice, excite or educate, then it’s going to get passed over pretty quickly.


Although, add this and just try to watch people ignore it. Moth to a flame baby.

Although, add this and just try to watch people ignore it. Moth to a flame.


Choosing a title that works and will come up in search engines is about knowing what people are going to be searching for.

Which brings me nicely onto the next reason why no one is reading your stuff.


It’s not even close to being SEO optimised or promoted

A grounded understanding of how SEO and social media work is very important today. Simply creating amazing content isn’t enough. Like engagement, you have to go the extra mile and make your content as easy to search for as possible.

I’ve said this before. I’ll say it here for the cheap seats.


People are inherently lazy.


No one reads your content because it’s on page 6 of Google search results. It’s on page 6 because you haven’t optimised it for better and more effective searching on these engines. People will generally only look at the first, maybe the second page of results. After that, you’re losing people.

Here’s a great beginner’s guide to SEO by SEOmoz. Read and put into practise if you are not already doing so.

And promote your content. I’m not saying jam everyone’s news feeds but you need to be posting a link to your stuff on the major networks; Facebook, Google+, Twitter. Again, it’s just common sense but you’d be surprised how many websites don’t do this relatively simple thing.

And the final reason here today as to why no one is reading your content?


Your content is as relevant as a coal miner’s left nipple.

Which is to say, not relevant at all. Well, except to coal miner porn enthusiasts.



It’s a very specific niche. But there’s an audience.


Not to sugar coat it, but one very real reason why people are not into your content is because it doesn’t fulfill a need.

People should want to read your stuff because it will enhance their understanding of a subject or topic. It answers a question. Or gets them to start asking questions themselves.

Talking about kittens and how much you love them is fine. Talking about how to look after them, or maybe the ways you can adopt a kitten is going to be read by far more people because that’s relevant to them.

They want to know this information because it benefits them. It helps them. 


This is in no way a definitive list as to why people are not looking at your content. But I hope it helps a little.

Have you had problems with your content? What did you do to fix the situation?

Parting shot

“What is written without effort is, in general, read without pleasure.”

-Samuel Johnson




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