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4 Great Ways to Use Excel for SEO

Excel for SEOCustard Media is home to some true Excel enthusiasts (myself included). It seems there’s no area of SEO that can’t be made easier by Excel – here are 4 of the best uses of Excel for SEO we’ve found this week.


With excel, it’s easy to spot patterns with Analytics data, as well as tracking your keyword rankings over time.

Analytics reports export to Excel, which allows the user to manipulate the data any way they like. Want to see what keywords to optimise for next? Using a simple formula we can combine data on keyword positions to show which keywords have the biggest potential.

SEO for Excel

Looking at the formula in our fictional spreadsheet, it’s clear that [social media marketing] has a lot of potential, as it’s already providing plenty of visitors at #7 – even more than [ppc agency], which we’re #3 for! Obviously a link building campaign on this keyword is going to be a priority over the next few months.

Speaking of keywords, it’s really easy to track your progress with Excel in a visual, digestible way that’s great for management presentations.

SEO for Excel

In this graph it’s easy to see that most of our keywords are going up, but [online pr agency] has suffered a little in recent months. Now that we’re aware of it, we can look at ways of addressing the slide.


Of course, as any good SEO knows, we can’t just look at rankings. After all it’s no good being #1 if nobody clicks through to your site, right?

All kinds of analytics data can be presented in ways that are easy to understand with a little Excel magic. Seasonality doesn’t hold much weight when your MD throws a wobbly about dropping traffic levels, but what if you can show the data in a more persuasive way?

Excel for SEO

Rather than concentrating on the fact that visitors have fallen off over the summer months (well, we are looking at ‘football boots’), suddenly you can illustrate the fact that traffic is UP on last year instead of DOWN on last month.

Keyword Research

So Google’s keyword tool has given us a load of random suggestions and we’ve exported it to excel. Here’s where the ‘filter’ tool comes in.

Say we’ve got some fairly random selections from the word [trainers] (which we have). How do we extract the relevant terms?

Excel for SEO

As I prepare to optimise my cheap trainers page, I can filter for the word ‘cheap’ and see all the relevant terms. From there I can start to build my…

Meta Data

Finally, here’s one we discovered this week while writing 500 pages of meta data for a new client, who was kind enough to export his data into an Excel spreadsheet. Wanting to stick to the 69-character limit for title tags, we knew there must be a better way than to copy and paste each title into Word to check the character count.

Then we discovered this little beauty:

Excel for SEO

By using the =LEN formula, we can see that our chocolate bars title tag needs work, while the fizzy drinks and sweets category pages are fine.


It’s obvious from the above that there’s plenty of ways to make SEO more efficient using Excel. This in turn allows us more time to spend on our clients – giving hands-on support and finding new ways to improve the performance of their online campaigns.

If you’re interested in a time-efficient SEO campaign, get in touch with Custard Media today.

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