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3 Super Google Ranking Factors for 2012

With social links now firmly engraved on the brains of the SEO consultants of the world, our collective minds are now wondering what Google will be looking for from websites in 2012.

Google is constantly refining the way it ranks websites, so we at Custard Media have outlined what we think will be three of the main ranking factors that SEOs will have to be aware of next year.

Range of Authorities

This is a ‘natural link profile’ issue again. Nobody – even the biggest brands in the world – obtains links exclusively from high authority websites. Thousands of people with really low authority sites will link to the likes of Coca-Cola just because we love that fizzy, sugary goodness.

The only sites that do get 100% high authority links are the ones that don’t get any links at all naturally, but buy high authority links. Google hates this, and what’s more it can spot it a mile off. Expect to be zapped with a penalty if this sounds like your website.

Range of Sources

If your SEO campaign centres around obtaining links from one type of website, it’s time to diversify your link portfolio. Websites don’t naturally get all their links from blogs, article sites or directories – Google knows that’s the result of a (very lazy) SEO campaign.

Google doesn’t want to reward SEOs – it wants to rank websites that people have naturally linked to because they feel it’s worth sharing. What kind of site only receives natural links from one of the above?

Spread your net – an unnatural link profile leads to manual penalties.

Link Velocity

This is something that has come to the fore quite recently. Link velocity is to do with how quickly a website gains links and is one of the more complex metrics for an SEO to handle. This is why Google puts so much faith in it – it’s hard to ‘game’.

Discussion on the subject surrounds whether a site can be expected to gain more links if it adds more content, how many more links a site can expect to gain when it starts to rank as opposed to at launch and how long a site can go without gaining any links before Google becomes suspicious of it’s previous link acquisition.


Obviously Google doesn’t shout too loudly (or at all) about its algorithm and these are only the opinions of a humble SEO Preston agency, but if what we’ve seen and heard in recent months is to be believed, strengthening these aspects of your SEO campaign will bear fruit in 2012.

If you’re worried about your link profile and you’d like to improve it in 2012, why not contact Custard Media today and see how we can make Google work harder for you?

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