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3 Quick-Win Link Building Tactics from SearchLove 2012

Every time I attend an SEO conference, I’m guaranteed to return to the Custard office with two things:

1)      A huge backlog of emails
2)      A boatload of new ideas to help our clients

More often than not, these ideas require a long-term investment of time and a lot of retraining to reinvent the wheel where our processes are concerned.

Fortunately the Custard team are always open to new approaches, but at the fantastic SearchLove event earlier this month, I picked up a few link building tips that don’t quite require a strategic revolution.

These tips are, as the title suggests, quick-wins. They’re easy. And the best part is that unlike some easy SEO practices, they’re 100% natural and Google-friendly.

1)      Google image search

Chances are people are stealing your images. Thankfully Google’s image search allows you to crawl the web for copies of your pics.

Rather than steaming in with the empty threat of legal action to get the images taken down, use this as an opportunity to build relationships by reaching out to the blogger, as shown below:

It’s worth setting up a Pinterest account, as the new kid on the social block seems to be the new go-to resource for image pilfering. Wait for people to steal your pinned pics, and then approach them for links to your site.

2)      Misspelled URLs

This might be the least productive of the three, but however few results it produces, you’ll find that people are happy to correct their mistakes and link to you.

In a nutshell, people don’t always check their links. A few people might have tried to link to you and accidentally misspelled your URL. The first step is finding them, which is where SEOBook’s keyword typo generator comes in:

The results are a list of misspellings for you to plough into Open Site Explorer and see who’s tried to link to you, but failed. That link authority* is rightfully yours – go claim it!

*Notice I didn’t say ‘link juice’ – it’s a horrible phrase, please can we all stop using it?!

3)      Link reclamation

I love link reclamation. The search string below might look a little daunting, but it’s magic is only truly appreciated when you start seeing all the great links you can build. -inurl: -intitle: ””

The SERP you’ll now see is a list of pages that mention your URL without linking to it. A quick outreach email to each one, and you’ve got a good chance of building some quality link references:

What makes these techniques so good?

Why spend precious time and resource sourcing new link opportunities when plenty already exist online? Turning image theft and plain text references into links is a quick way of improving your SEO with links that technically, you didn’t build.

What could be more natural than that?


If you’ve had success (or otherwise) with these techniques, or you want to share your own quick-win link building techniques, please feel free to comment below.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in Custard’s link building and SEO services, we’d love to hear from you.


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