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2012: The Year of Mobile SEO

As 2011 draws to a close (that’s right, it’s flown by!), SEO companies are looking back on the year of social and looking forward to 2012 as the year of mobile SEO.

After attending the A4U Expo in London last week, Matt B and myself were getting pretty tired of hearing about mobile SEO! It’s not going away though, and with smartphones dominating the market there are more and more of us using our phones to search and shop online.

And wherever there is search, there is SEO. In 2012, SEO agencies like Custard Media are going to have to embrace mobile SEO or get left behind.

So what does mobile SEO mean for a website?

Many sites just aren’t coded for mobile and that’s damaging them more than their webmasters know. When their site appears on a smartphone and it doesn’t look or work as it should, users are bouncing off, taking their business elsewhere and leaving with a poor impression of the business as a whole.

Moreover, Google sees that lack of engagement and starts to wonder if the site is really all that relevant and worthy of being ranked. So what can be done?

The answer is to speak to a web design agency who can handle mobile SEO, like Custard Media for example! We really understand mobile search and we can help your online business take advantage of the opportunities mobile SEO offers.


Mobile Search – The Stats

  • There are more mobile phones in the world than toothbrushes
  • 44% of us keep our phone within arm’s reach when we go to sleep
  • 17% of mobile phone users downloaded a voucher code in the first quarter of 2011
  • 14% of all UK travel-related searches are done via mobile search

Of the top 500 UK retailers, only 17% have mobile optimised websites, according to Google guru Pierre Far, who was responsible for a great blog post about building mobile friendly websites. Smaller businesses who are smart will take advantage now, because by the time the big boys catch up you’ll have taken a huge slice of the mobile pie.

Google doesn’t care if you use a dedicated mobile version like or a mobile responsive site – there is more than one mobile Googlebot so either will be crawled equally well. However if you use a mobile responsive site, there is less chance of encountering duplicate content issues.

The most important thing is that you have one – so get in touch with Custard Media today to see how a fully mobile optimised site could work for you.

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