Online Marketing Services Set To Flourish in 2011

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The Online Marketing industry is set to boom in the upcoming year with more people investing money online.

The head of research at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a professional marketing body based in UK, has said that companies will spend more money advertising online in the future.

At an event about the future of digital marketing in the Isle of Man, Mark Blayney Stuart said: “More people are investing in online marketing now. The online spend will overtake offline spend in the next three years as increasingly there will be a shift in budgets to online marketing rather than offline.”

The writer explained how vital it is that industries and firms use the online platform to target their potential audiences.

He said: “Our experience is that people don’t actually go ‘surfing’ the internet. We all stick mainly to seven or eight sites that we are familiar with and trust. We want to know we will be familiar with the site when we get there.

“The key to the future to inhabit the spaces that people are already in. If you can reach people where they are already you have a much better chance of success and driving people towards you.”

According to the speech, one of the main benefits of marketing online is the fact that the response can be calculated.

Mr Stuart said: “One of the problems with the fact that you can measure absolutely everything means you start to get mesmerised by the measurements and you can actually take it too far.

“We’ve seen plenty of companies who would have no problem in running a print, radio or TV campaign where they can’t really measure very accurately what the perceptions of that are.

“It’s almost as if when companies put a campaign onto the internet, because you can measure it – it’s ‘we’ve got to’. Then if the measurement doesn’t seem to meet their expectations the campaign can get dropped - well I think that there are lots of other really valid reasons for staying on the internet.”

Online marketing services and online pr with a pr agency can include social media, search engine, paper click, link building and content writing.

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